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Long Island's Choice for year-round comfort

Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, turn to the experts at Matz-Rightway to keep your family truly comfortable and healthy by controlling the climate in your home. Whether you have a single family home, town home, or condo, Matz-Rightway is here for you. Let us install and maintain your heating or air conditioning system. We cover the East End of Long Island from Brookhaven to Montauk.

After 50 years of servicing the HVAC needs of businesses on Long Island, we understand what it's all about: You can't live with downtime on any of your systems.

Neither can we. That's why Matz-Rightway has a select group of technicians and a fleet of vehicles. Our techs are certified to work with the vast majority of branded equipment.

Unlike most HVAC contractors, Matz-Rightway operates an advanced in-house sheet metal shop. This provides benefits in speed, cost and quality of any ducting that might be needed for your business application. And also unlike many contractors, Matz has invested in a large inventory of parts to speed the repair of many heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems.

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Matz-Rightway specializes in:

We have a full staff of professional, skilled and dedicated employees awaiting your call. We provide services 24/7 as we understand there are urgent issues that need to be tended to immediately. Your climate is our concern.


We live in a wonderful place, but Long Island's weather can be tough on heating and cooling systems. Since 1948, Matz-Rightway has been helping Long Islander’s keep their systems operating at peak efficiency.  We offer a range of service plans to meet your needs.

We are Long Island’s experts in indoor air quality through UV Light, air purification systems and enhanced filtration. We can provider “greener” options to customers ie: geothermal and/or heat pump on an oil furnace. Turn to us for cost-saving and environmentally friendly ways to heat or cool your home -- and for professional, qualified technicians. We are on-call for emergencies 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.


After your home is measured, our engineers perform calculations so that we can assemble the most efficient system (not too big or too small). Unlike many contractors who use thin, one-size-fits-all ductwork, Matz-Rightway operates our own sheet metal shop to create the ductwork that's sized just right for your home or business.