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Air Conditioning Systems

12 point safety inspection
for only $69!

calibrate and level thermostat
clean filters as needed
monitor volts and amps on fan motor
flush/treat condensation drain with anti-algae
inspect condenser coil
monitor operating pressure of refrigerant
inspect safety devices for proper operation
test and inspect contactors for burning and pitting
test and inspect capacitors
inspect fan blade
monitor compressor for proper amps/voltage and wiring connection
inspect service valves for proper operation

Other types of systems including electric, oil and central air are priced slightly higher.

Additional fees may apply if we find potential issues with your system. 10% savings does not apply to the original cost of the tune up.

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Why Have Maintenance Done?

We can service all of your systems whether it be Electric Heat, Water/Steam-Boiler (Gas), Gas Forced Air Heat, Water/Steam-Boiler (Oil), Oil Forced Air Heat, Heat Pump, or Central Air. Call today and one of our trusted technicians will come out and perform a Multi-Point Precision Tune-Up on your system.

It is very important that you maintain your HVAC system in order to ensure that it is running properly and you are maximizing the benefits and efficiency of the system.

Some facts about your unit and why maintenance is necessary:

The list above is not complete. Our fully trained technicians will make sure your system is running properly, efficiently and safely.

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