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Reviews & Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Our customers and their level of satisfaction is a true reflection of our business! If you’ve had us out for a recent visit, we encourage you to share your experience with us.  Check out some of our recent HVAC service and installation testimonials below!

Will B.

They did a great job, in very little time. Able to install very quickly after quote.


Great job Matz-Rightway Heating and Air Conditioning!

Jack & Virginia T.

Jack and I just wanted to say that Dominic, Dustin and PJ were GREAT in completing the removal of our old a/c unit and installing the new one. They were knowledgeable, professional, polite. Everything was perfect when they left – like it never even happened (except that we got a wonderful new Lennox a/c unit that hopefully will last us 20 years!) We greatly appreciate the confidence your company inspires in its customers. We know if there’s a problem it will be fixed 100% the first time! We know we can call on Matz and be assured that a competent tech will resolve the problem. Thank you for a great job guys!

Diana R.

Hello there. I am contacting you to say that every technician who has come here since we purchased our central AC unit in Sept. 2019 are the nicest, professional, efficient, understanding, courteous, group of people we have ever met! They are an asset to your company. Anyone we have dealt with at the company is always so very nice, understanding, patient, courteous and professional. These days when people are always complaining about something I wanted to put this compliment out there. I tell everyone what a great company Matz-Rightway is!

Marcia Miller Bradley

I learned a lot from Phil and I would like him to be my contractor going forward even if I need to make a special appointment. He makes sense out of things and has shown me how to identify important parts of my heater so I can describe a problem better.

Robin Karp

Phil, Thanks ever so much for the info. More importantly, thank you, from the depths of my heart for your extraordinary commitment to serving the customer…not just selling the product. There is no doubt in my mind that because of you, because of your core values, integrity & deep sincere commitment to your customers…you have built the success of the Matz-Rightway brand! Thanks much again! Appreciate the install tomorrow as well.

John Klindienst

Hello Mr. Rush, my name is John Klindienst and one of your crews finished work on a system in a building I own at 214 Roanoke Ave in Riverhead. I want to compliment your crew on their good work and attention to detail. Thanks

5 Star Excellent experience. The crew came early, worked diligently and left the premises spotless. That s why we have a service contract with Matz for many years.

Jimmy D.

John Primerano is efficient and capable. I love that he takes the time to explain things and what needs to be done. This is the second time he’s been at my house, and there is a third visit coming up– again, I hope with John.

John H.

Thanks for the notice and thanks for sending Mike; he’s serviced our systems before. As he’s just completed his work here today, it reminds me of why we use Matz for all of our heating and A/C needs. Mike is a model of the quality people we’ve learned to expect from Matz. His technical knowledge and service delivery are supplemented by a good natured, personable approach to his customers. Please pass this along to management. We rely on quality from a company that cares for systems that are important to us. We want to acknowledge the folks who deliver that service.

Jonas Jansson

My family lives full time in Easthampton since 1997. Longstanding clients of your firm. I called the office this am, for a ac service and repair call. Few hours later Mr. MIkez arrived. What a fantastic nice gentleman, extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was able to bring one of our old units back to life. He refused to give up. I’m down with a terrible infection so we needed cold air desperately. It’s because of people like MIkez that we are now going to be with your firm for life and will as a result of today’s great experience also going forward use your firm for heating and so on. I will most definitely recommend your firm to our friends out here on the east end. Again, hope you don’t mind the text. However when you have such a nice experience from a company employee, I think it should be known by management.

Bob Bracken

As a new client of Matz – we were very impressed with your service man, Ray on 9/24 at 10AM. He checked all items involved with it in a very thorough & professional manner.

Jackie M.

My experience was very good. The salesman and installers were great. Very helpful, knew their products and addressed my concerns. They went out of their way to accommodate me, I was in a pinch for time and they were able to help me out on short notice. My house is nice and warm now.

Scott I.

Mr. Thomas, I recently had the pleasure of having my central air replaced by your company. I wanted to write to you and compliment the crew that came out to my house and installed my new A/C. They were on-time, professional, thoughtful and did a great job. I can barely hear my new system (the air handler is over my head when I sleep!), there is no more whistling noise going through my large return, and I my upstairs and downstairs zones are working. By the way, before your crew left last Thursday they asked to see my other central air unit (my house has two). I showed them the condenser and the air handler. The company that had installed it had installed piping from the condenser in front of the area where I would replace my filter – making it nearly impossible to change. Well, your people took one look at that and said that that wasn’t right. They rebuilt the pipe so I could access the filter. This is what I call going above and beyond. I’m more grateful to them than you know, because every 30 days I would have to go through all sorts of contortions to get my filter in and out of there. Now it’s just open, slap it in, and I’m done. I’ll be recommending your company to anyone who asks.

Stephanie & Michael

I am writing this note…to let you know what a great job your team did with our central AC installation. Larry is one of the hardest working, diligent, and most dedicated workers I have ever seen. I am an HR Director and interview/hire people on a daily basis and he was really one of the most dedicated and caring people I have seen in a very long time.


I want to thank your company for being so great and easy to work with. The heat is working perfectly now. Many thanks


I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful asset Guy is to your team. He didn’t make me feel stupid because I didn’t completely understand the technical jargon. He made sure that he showed me everything he did and helped me understand how it all worked together. This is a very special quality in a service person. I wish all service people were like him.


Mary ensured I had a technician sent out immediately that was professional and could fix the issue. She was kind and sympathetic to the issue – and made me feel 100% comfortable that your company would ensure the situation was taken care of appropriately.


Today my ventilation fan was installed by a very talented Gentleman from your company! He could not have been more a of a professional! All I can say is “well done. Thank you.


Phillip W. is Excellent, charming, funny, and a no nonsense worker!

Linda B.

Springfield, MA

Kudos to Douglas Macy (Sales), Jose and Tim (Installers), and Frank Woodfine (Electrician) for courteous and professional services!! I am very pleased with everyone at Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning! Thank you very much and may you enjoy continued success!

Patricia, G.


Great group of people if they can do Mass Mayhem…fixing your heating and air conditioning problems will be a breeze.

Lisa C.


They are an awesome and amazing group. Should I have any problems in the future, when I call Columbia I will insist that they call Berkshire to do the service work on my furnace.

Susan L.


Thank you for coming out as quickly as you did. Josh was exceptionally helpful and took extra time answering my questions.


East Longmeadow, MA

I’ve never had any home contractor leave my house so spotless….thank you!


West Springfield, MA.

Last week, you sent Joe to do my furnace maintenance. His courtesy and thoroughness reminded me why I keep working with your company. Keep up the good work.

Dan M.


Just a short note to inform you that I was happy and impressed with both your service tech – Bob Bison and your operation in general

Scheduled A/C Tune-Up. Called prior ti and tech arrived on time. Bob was professional in all aspects of job. He checked everything according to the book and when finished explained what he did and found. As a prior service manager of a public utility I can truthfully say you have a real good tech.

Nancy P.

Ludlow, MA

Being a customer of Guardian Care, I contacted them on March 10, 2014 for a problem that I was having with my furnace with the pilot light going out at least three times a week and the smell of fumes. It seemed that I no sooner got off the phone and Ihad a knock at my door from Berkshire Heating from your West Springfield office to inspect my furnace to find out the problem. The technician who did the inspection was Carey Scott. All though I did not like the news that he told me, I respected his professionalism and honesty because deep down inside me, I knew I probably needed a new furnace as mine was very old. Carey allowed me some time that day to figure out what I wanted to do but advised me that he had to “red flag” me due to a heat exchanger. He kindly explained along with a diagram of what a heat exchanger looks like and exactly what happens when it is old. He also quoted me a price on a new heat exchanger and a new furnace and told me up front that he may not be even able to find a compatible heat exchanger since my unit was so old. I needed a couple of hours to digest it and he allowed me that time to get back to him with my decision which of course was to have a new furnace put in my home.

Within two days, Carey and another gentleman named Alex came and did the installation and I would like to let you know that they worked continually and hard. They left no mess and cleaned up after themselves and were very considerate of getting any dirt or debris in to my home or on my floors . Unfortunately, there was a little issue where they had to come back a couple of times due to cold instead of hot air coming out of the registers but Alex came back the night the furnace was installed and worked diligently for me to get heat. That worked for a while but stopped throughout the night where I had to call the office and Carey was back here first thing in the morning to give me some heat. He had another job to go to but Alex came and worked on some things and Carey came again after his scheduled appointment with another person. They got it to work but again, after a couple of hours, I had to call back and again, Berkshire was here so quick and this time a different technician named Erik came and finally figured out the problem and fixed it along with explaining to me what had happened. I LOVE my new furnace and it seems to be working great and my only regret is not getting all the technicians last names that came to my home so you could tell them a job well done. I am sure you can get that information from the West Springfield office.

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the technicians that came to my home along with your office staff in West Springfield. They were all so professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and considerate. Their customer service was excellent and as we all know, now-a-days, that is hard to find. I hope your company appreciates the workers you have. Word of mouth goes a long way and a company’s reputation will always follow them. Having the workers or staff that you have is a huge plus for you. Your company will always be No. 1 in my eyes and the best advertisement is through word of mouth.

For any consumer who moans and groans because they have to put a new furnace in and don’t want to believe the technicians, then shame on them. No money is worth anyone’s life. I am glad there is a law to “red flag” consumers and I am so appreciative for that law. Something real bad could have happened to me and my family. And, I am sure many people could have lived from carbon monoxide if they would only listen to the workers who are skilled in their trade.

Scheduled A/C Tune-Up. Called prior ti and tech arrived on time. Bob was professional in all aspects of job. He checked everything according to the book and when finished explained what he did and found. As a prior service manager of a public utility I can truthfully say you have a real good tech.

Dan M.


Just a short note to inform you that I was happy and impressed with both your service tech – Bob Bison and your operation in general

Scheduled A/C Tune-Up. Called prior ti and tech arrived on time. Bob was professional in all aspects of job. He checked everything according to the book and when finished explained what he did and found.

As a prior service manager of a public utility I can truthfully say you have a real good tech.

Thank you.