17 May. 17

Thermostat Location: Anyplace Won’t Do!

There’s so much in the HVAC industry that is counter intuitive if you haven’t spent any time working with this kind of machinery, and the thermostat is no different. People assume (and you cannot really blame them) that if you set an air conditioner lower, the machine will work harder and faster, but the truth is that is will just run longer to reach the desired temperature. Not what you would assume, but reasonable and understandable after an explanation. Thermostat location is no different.

It’s just a control box like your TV remote. Who cares where I put it? Actually, it is extremely important where you put it, namely because the thermostat is also a thermometer sensing the temperature in the air. If the thermostat is installed in a poor location, you will experience numerous hot and cold spots in your home.

  • Thermostat is too close to the heat source:  The proximity to the heat source can distort the readings on the thermostat’s thermometer. As a result in the wintertime the house will never quite reach the temperature you want because the thermostat will shut off the furnace before it has properly heated the home.
  • Thermostat located on Exterior Wall: This is a big problem. If your thermostat is on this location you will have issues all year round! In the winter, the cold air on the other side of the wall will make the thermostat run longer than you want, creating a home too hot and a higher energy bill. The same will happen in the summer.
  • Thermostat is located in an Area with Drafts: In this scenario, the thermostat will need to compensate for the drafts in only one area. Every other room will be too hot/cold while this room struggles to maintain the set temperature.

The Right Thermostat from the Right Company
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