30 Nov. 17

Top of the Line Furnace for Top of the Line Comfort!

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about energy efficiency. Light bulbs, washers, dryers, and HVAC systems are often at the center of the discussion. Everyone is looking to save money and do their part to be eco-friendly as well. This winter, you may even be looking to swap out that old furnace for a new high efficiency model. Our SLP98V Furnace is the most efficient and the quietest furnace you will find of the market today.

What makes the SLP98V so special?

The SLP98V has several features that enable it to boast such high efficiency and quiet operation. For starters, this furnace has an AFUE rating of 98.2%! That means that almost 100% of the gas used to run this furnace is used to generate heat. Older models have much lower ratings. If your current furnace was purchased before 1992 then there is a good chance that it is less than 75% efficient. That means that you are currently throwing away hundreds of dollars a year when you could be saving up to $800 a year with the Lennox SLP98V.

This furnace is able to achieve such a high rating because of its variable speed blower motor and its SureLight igniter. The variable speed blower motor is self-calibrating. This means that it is able to automatically adjust to meet your needs. For example, if the temperature outside is more mild, the motor will adjust to a lower setting to conserve energy while still allowing the heating needs to be met in the home. This type of blower also allows for quiet operation because it is not always running on high. The igniter is a type of electronic ignition that only lights when the furnace calls for heat. Older models use a standing pilot that requires a constant stream of gas to stay lit 24/7. By only lighting when you need heat, this pilot is a major contributor to the energy efficiency of this furnace.

Many homes put up with a noisy furnace because they think that that is there only option. However, it doesn’t have to sound like there is a helicopter landing in your basement every time the furnace kicks on. With the SLP98V you also get extremely quiet operation. Lennox has engineered new technology that makes their furnaces 50% quieter than your average unit. With the help of the variable speed blower motor and a fully insulated cabinet, furnace like the SLP98V achieve virtually silent operation even at higher speeds.

How does this technology affect me?
Besides saving you loads of money every year on your energy bills, the technology in the Lennox SLP98V furnace is used to increase your personal home comfort. Quiet operation allows you to enjoy near silence throughout your home. The variable speed blower also uses Precise Comfort Technology. This technology helps your furnace have more than just a high and low setting. It adjusts the fan speed in increments as small at 1%. What this means to you is that when you set the thermostat at a certain temperature, the furnace will automatically adjust to meet that temperature by changing heat and airflow capacity. That translates into precise temperatures and comfort in your home all winter long.

We offer a variety of high-efficiency furnaces to choose from and offer free in-home estimates from our factory trained and licensed comfort specialists. Contact us today to be on your way to saving money on your energy bills!